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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Picture Party: A Week Summed Up

One of my favorite pictures of the week....melts my heart as he stares at me, his mommy :)

My cute husband taking a much needed nap :)

1. Infant Jesus statue in our bedroom 2. Snowy morning resulting from night-time storm 3. Wedding pic adorning desk 4. Mary bust on hallway wall.

Another favorite of the week...he's carelessly enjoying life, looking away, and wondering "when is mom going to pick me up?"

1. Much need daily dose of caffeine. 2. Cute little bow-tie I scored for .50 cents at thrift store 3. Vincent's first stuffed animal 4. The normal state of my desk; toy hairdryer,caffeine, lists,cords, and a spare ink cartridge. 

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