Holy Ducklings

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy 3RD Birthday to My Little Girl LU :)

It's been a quick 3 years with you LU.....where did it go?

 Late night feedings and diaper changes, you gabbing away, hearing your tiny fingers tap on your toy piano, ripping up a roll of toilet paper, many smiles, eating crayons, fighting with your big brother, tenderly giving him hugs, eating a bag full of grapes, falling asleep in your raman noodles, cherishing a mommy and Lu tea party, nothing scaring you, go-getter, brushing your teeth, helping mama with the dishes, coloring, splashing in the bathroom sink, picking raspberries, strolling, watering flowers, hearing you sing the Dora theme song, picking out a dress to wear, eating cherry tomatoes, attempting to play the harmonica, potty-training escapades, picking flowers, crawling in my lap to read, dancing to tunes, taking the cushions off the couch, taking your pony-tails out, getting into my perfume, adventures, library visits, grocery store, swimming pool, and many memories to come :)

               I wouldn't change a thing.....Happy Birthday to the most adventurous & sweet girl I know :)

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