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Monday, September 24, 2012

All Saints Day Party Ideas

With the changing leaves, comes the excitement of our upcoming All Saints Day party! 

Every year our church has an All Saints Day celebration in lieu of trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Last year, the kids dressed in a Saint's costume of their choosing and presented their Saint to a panel of judges. 

The kids also enjoyed soul cakes, which are generally cupcakes that the children have made. Each cake represents a dearly departed soul being prayed for. A basket of names is placed beside the cakes...you pick up a cake, you must pick up a name. 

Another activity that the kids/adults partake in is a pumpkin carving contest. The only limitation here, is that the carvings need to have a religious undertone. Previous years, we have also had bags of candy and hayrides. 

We are very fortunate to have this celebration for the kids. It gives them the chance to learn the lives of the Saints and to pray for dearly departed souls. 

                               Grandma is a Nun...and St.Vincent De Paul
                                           His plate of food for the hungry :)
                                                         Blessing the food :)
                                             Offering the plate of food :)
                                     My Husband's carving of Jesus's face :)

                              Winner of the Pumpkin Carving Contest :)

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