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Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Ways to Celebrate St. Lucia Day~ December 13th

St. Lucia Day, December 13th is a day that renders close to my heart~ for it is my daughter's name. St. Lucia, a martyr born in Sicily, brought food to Christians who practiced their faith in dark tunnels to avoid persecution. In order to see in the dark tunnels, she wore a wreath of candles on her head. On her feast day, we celebrate by dressing in white (with a red sash around the waist), wearing a wreath on our head, and making a feast of bread. 

Here are 5 ways to commemorate her feast day and make the day unforgettable for your children.

1. Make a Saint Lucia Crown to wear on her feast day. Here is a super easy tutorial on my website on how to make a authentic looking St. Lucia crown.

2. Role play with St. Lucia Paper Dolls. Available from Paper Dali. Show your children how Lucia brought food to Christians so that they may better understand the act of charity. 

3. Dress as Saint Lucia and make braided bread. There is a wonderful braided bread recipe from Catholic Cuisine

4. Pray the Saint Lucia Prayer together. Prayer from Family-Prayer.org. Say this beautiful prayer before eating your braided bread that morning. 

5. Read about the life of Saint Lucy. 
There is an array of books available on this martyr's holy life. Click on the book for more information. 

Our family partook in these activities last year, and it was an unforgettable day! May God Bless


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