Holy Ducklings

Monday, December 31, 2012

A List of Goals for 2013

I thought I'd compile a list of goals for the new year...if they're recorded, I'm more likely to follow them. 

2013 brings on a whole array of new challenges. This fall, I start homeschooling Kindergarten...my first official year (besides preschool stuff). 

We are also thinking of selling our house (we are outgrowing our current shack)...and with this brings various improvements to try to sell. Plus...working part-time as a librarian and mommy to three. So, here it goes...my list to help me keep more organized. 

1. Start preparing and organizing curriculum for Kindergarten. Looking into Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Homeschooling curriculum. Order books and set up classroom. 

2. Update my mommy's survival binder...schedules, homeschooling, meal-planning, etc. 

3. Get rid of the Television. I have wanted to do this for quite some time...I finally have the strength to do it! 

4. Make updates to our house...to get ready to sell :)

5. Get outside more...when winter is over. Have my son participate in one sport this summer (whether it be swimming or T-ball). 

6. Volunteer with the kids this summer. 

7. Organize closets, pantry, garage, garden shed, and toys. Must find better solutions!

I hope at least some of these goals get checked off my list! :) Have a happy, healthy, and merry 2013!

God Bless



  1. i will be praying for your intentions.

    1. Thank you so much...you as well. May you have a blessed 2013