Holy Ducklings

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

I'm getting there... our curriculum is almost set for my son's first year of kindergarten. Most of our materials are coming from Our Lady of Victory, living books (library picture books), and various materials that I've collected over the years. Here is the process I've followed to decide a curriculum. 

1. Decide what I wanted my children to learn in each subject. Label each page with a subject and write these     things down under each subject heading. For example, under RELIGION I wrote down The Ten Commandments and under SCIENCE I wrote down seasons.

2. Print off a calendar for each month of the school year. Write down basics for each week according to each subject. And then, print off weekly planner sheets to specifically plan for subjects each day.

3. Once your first week approaches, gather materials for first week of subjects. Make sure your weekly planner sheet is finalized and set for the week.

4. Have fun on your beautiful homeschool journey :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Favorites of the Day

Moxie Wife  hosts a five favorites link-up every Wednesday....this week I thought I'd join in. So, here it is...a list of my top five favorite things of the day.....

1. The Duggars

Love this family....they are truly blessed. What an exemplary model of a family that defines what it means to have a servant heart. 

2. Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea

A nice way to unwind from a long day....love the way this hot sweet tea slides down your throat....yum :)

3. Twistable Crayons

What? Crayons that don't break....what more could you ask for.....awesome!

4. Froggy Books

These books are great....it seems like Froggy is always forgetting something! Better yet, they always make my kids laugh each time we read them!

5. Gymboree Play and Learn Book

Great book that breaks down activities for different ages of your children.....from baby to age 5. Lots of good stuff in here!