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Friday, May 17, 2013

Family Rules Idea Via Pinterest

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I've Learned from the Amish

I've always been extremly intrigued by the lives of the Amish.....maybe it's because I secretly want to be
one ....but, I really don't think that I could give up some of my modern conveniences such as a hot shower and air conditioning.

Yet, I find their ways extremely beautiful, simple, and uncomplicated....graceful and pure. I once read about an Amish father and his young son milking cows together and how Amish parents never shush away their children while working....they always work beside them learning and bonding along the way....the way that God intended us to raise them...the way we should all strive to raise them.

And then, I look at modern society...and how we plop in a movie to go and do the dishes or laundry by ourselves....doing the total opposite of what the Amish would do....what God wouldn't want us to do.The first thing I've learned from the Amish is to always work side by side with my children to teach and bond with them. Now, when I fold clothes, they sit alongside me and help....the same with dishes and yard work. If the opportunity rises, my children will be there alongside me.

The Amish have also taught me the importance of simplicity. An Amish proverb explains this lesson well: he who has no money is poor; he who has nothing but money is even poorer. The Amish work to survive and any extra that they earn, go to others less fortunate than them....they don't need extras....they strive for simplicity....because with more things, the less room there is for God. Do you really need those fancy clothes, nice vehicles, or other unnecessary things? Try to downsize....you will find life uncomplicated and you will be teaching your children a wonderful lesson.

Another lesson that stuck with me is their use of proverbs to teach their children daily morals. When you parent with proverbs, God will give you more graces to help your journey as a parent. I believe the Book of Proverbs is one of the best parenting tools.

 It's hard, but I have strengthened my own faith by striving to live simply as the Amish do. I realized, when I enforce simplicity into my busy life, only then I can become closer to God and have more peace within my family.