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Friday, October 26, 2012

All Saint's Day; Making a St.Lucia Crown

Today, the family worked on our All Saint's Day costumes...even my husband helped....Bless him :) We focused on my daughter's Saint Lucia crown. It's so simple to make your own...here is what you need:

*A wire hanger
*4 ft of Christmas garland
*3-4 battery-operated candles

     Step 1: Bend the twisty hook part of the hanger with your pliers until it's completely unwound.
     Step 2: Measure the circumference of your child's head. Whatever the circumference, measure 
     your hanger to it +add an inch depth to fit the width of the garland around the hanger. 
     Step 3: Once you have the wire measured to fit, bend one end to the other and twist to secure it. Make sure there are no sharp edges poking out.
     Step 4: Wrap the garland around the wire weaving it in and out until completed. 
                  Super simple and ready for our battery-operated candles
                                                     St.Lucia deep in prayer :)
                                               She really likes her costume
                                                      Fascinated by the candle :)

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