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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letter of the Week Craft; A is for Angel

Yay! Our first letter of the week religious craft is completed :)  The kids had a blast putting this together; they love any craft that deals with toilet paper rolls or pipe cleaner! Each week we will have a religious craft pertaining to the letter we are learning. Enjoy!

This craft is super easy, even for a 2 and 4 year old. Here is what you need:

*Toilet-paper roll
*5 pipe-cleaners (2 one color, 2 another color, and another yellow/white for halo)
*Yellow & white construction paper
*Christmas tinsel 
*Clear packaging tape
*Black marker

First, twist 1 piece of the same colored pipe cleaner to the other piece to form the angel's wings (butterfly shape). 

Next, once you have formed the wings, twist 2 pipe cleaners of a different color around them (this will give them a multi-colored look). Tape the wings on back of the toilet-paper roll.

Then, once the wings are intact, cute out a circle from your white construction paper and some hair from the yellow paper. Draw a cute face on the circle. Tape the hair to the face, and then tape them to the inside-front of the toilet paper roll.

Last, take your final pipe cleaner and twist it into a circle leaving a few inches sticking out on the bottom (so that you can tape it to the back-inside of the toilet paper roll). Then, twist the tinsel around the halo! Finished!


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