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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter Recognition Using an Alphabet Bag :)

Learning letters can be fun, especially with an alphabet bag :) Our letter of the week is A, so I filled our fun polka-dotted bag full of "A" things. This sounds simple, but it ended up being a little tricky. In the mounds of toys, I found a plastic apple, a toy ambulance, a glass angel, and an alligator slipper. 

When beginning the lesson, I explained to my kids what we were going to do with the alphabet bag. I then proceeded to tell them what the letter of the week was going to be and to think of some things that started with "A." If they guessed the word, I pulled the item out of the bag. If there was any items left, I had them take turns picking an item out :)

This activity is great because the kids love the suspense of "what's in the bag?" It also builds their vocabulary and helps them associate your "letter of the week" with real life items. 

After we pulled all the items out of the bag, I write the mommy (capital) "A" and baby "a" (lowercase) on my whiteboard and then write out all the words that were in our bag (alligator, ambulance, angel, and apple). 

The rest of the week, we will continue with the bag and maybe add a few items. We will also practice writing mommy "A's" and baby "a's." We also have a religious craft that goes with this....which I'll post later on (it's an angel) :) 

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