Holy Ducklings

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Pumpkin Fun :)

The crisp fall breeze is a sign of pumpkin picking time :) On Sunday, we packed up the car after church and headed to Barten's family-owned pumpkin patch in New Prague, MN. Barten's offers a wide assortment of pumpkins, gourds, fall decorations, straw bales, corn shocks, broom corn, and more.

                                       Look at all these cute wagons that the kids can  haul 
                               their pumpkins in :) Love it!

                               Hanging out in the mound of pumpkins :) One of my            
                                    favorite pics we took there!

Look at all the different variety of pumpkins :) God's endless creations :)

                                                And all the neat looking gourds :) 

Thousands of Pumpkins! Pumpkins Galore :)

Look at that cute teepee for the kids to hangout in :)

Fun beanbag pumpkin toss game :)

             Stuck in the stick house :) One of the many places to take a pic :)

                            Look at those Monster Pumpkins!!!....and neat snake gourds :)

                                                                 Beautiful fall decorations :)

                                               Festive photo shoot on the old-time wagon :)

                                 Tea party on the wooden mushroom table....so cute :)

                   Pushing around his cute miniature wagon.....his favorite part of the day! :)


  1. Hi Jennifer-I am thrilled to have found your blog via Bartens Pumpkins Facebook page. Can't wait to explore your site more!


  2. Hello Haven...welcome to my blog...I hope you enjoy it :)


  3. Thanks. I FB messaged you. Seems we may live in the same area and I also have a 4 year old son named Vincent! I thought that was cool!

  4. Hello Haven...I didn't get your FB message....that's so cool that we both have Vincents...both 4! :)