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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If I Was Rich, I'd Still Shop at Thrift Stores!

For those people who know me quite well, they know that the only place I shop is the thrift store ...except for food of course!

There are many reasons I shop at the thrift store:

1. It saves the family money, big time. A $20.00 shirt versus a $1.00 shirt. I'll take the $1.00 shirt and it usually looks just as nice. We also buy wonderful Christmas presents here! And, usually shop on half off week.

2. Most of the proceeds go to charity. I feel happy that my hard earned money is going to a good cause...Haiti. Plus, my kids are getting clothed. I'd rather support thrift stores than put more money on the big Target executive's table.

3. You can get creative with thrift store finds. A different coat of paint on a frame or a blanket turned pillow will spike your creativity!
Vintage 1960's Dress~ Just $2.00

4. For those passionate about vintage, it's a treasure hunt! This is me, I love old things...and decorating with old things...which is nice, because it's also cheap!

5. It's teaches your kids a valuable lesson. Showing your kids that they don't have to have brand name clothes is priceless. Name brands don't matter, as long as your warm and clothed.

I thought I'd share some of my treasures I find here...this week I found this super cute vintage 
60's dress for my daughter!

 Stay tuned for more frugal

                  God Bless

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