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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Nativity From Mary's Perspective

My family just recently watched the movie "The Nativity" together to commemorate the first week of Advent. Every time I watch this movie, I'm flooded with an array of overwhelming emotions...sadness, for the kind of king the people had to deal with in Jesus's time....joyfulness that the savior arrived unharmed in a tiny, unsanitary stable in Bethlehem amidst the threat of evil. 

As I'm filled with these emotions, another fills my heart that is extremely vivid: gratefulness. Grateful that I can have my babies in a safe, sanitary hospital where all I have to do is savor them. Imagine being Mary...what a gift to bore the Christ child....but also imagine her worry.....the threat to this tiny babe. Imagine shortly after having your child having to flee to an unknown country. 

Let us be grateful as mothers for the beautiful gifts that God has bestowed upon us....the gift of motherhood, the gift of holding our little ones, and the gift of the nativity this beautiful Advent season. Let us be grateful that we are so lucky to be living secure with our little ones in a warm sanitary home destitute of threat :)

May God Bless 


                May We Carry Him Close To Our Hearts This Christmas

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