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Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

Oh what to do with the over abundance of leaves? Our family has thought of a couple of things to do on this beautiful fall day :)

This lesson that I created, not only promotes family togetherness, but educates your young child about the changing seasons. 

Today we started our lesson reading the book "We're going on a Leaf Hunt," by Steve Metzger
After we read our book, my kids were excited to go outside and find some leaves. I recommend the app from Leafsnap  to help you ID unknown species. Just take a picture with your phone and it recognizes the leaf like magic :)

As you look at the leaves, emphasize the beauty of the trees and leaves and talk to them about how God created all the beautiful species. 

After jumping in our leaf pile and snapping a few photos, we gathered our collection and brought them inside to make a leaf collage.
                                                 Hard at work on her collage :)
        The completed masterpiece :) Verse taken from Ecclesiastes 3
                           Another completed masterpiece :)

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