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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Planning Fall/Winter Activities :)

Have you seen the leaves changing color yet? Or the first few leaves fall? :)

This is usually a sign that I should be planning our upcoming activities for fall and winter. I find it easier to print off a blank monthly calendar for October through December to alleviate the chaos that the holidays can bring. I came across the site Free Printable 2012 Calendars, which is a useful site if you want to stay organized this coming holiday season.

I've already planned some fun family activities for next month. A lot of the activities we have engaged in previous years. Here are some pictures/ideas from years past :) Enjoy!

 Emma Krumbee's Scarecrow Festival

                               The kid's absolutely loved the giant haystack :)

                                   The notorious barrel train ride! CHOO! CHOO!

John Deere trikes for the kids to ride :) Who could ask for anything more? :)

                                   Peek-a-B00! Playhouses for the kids :)

Me and LU LU posing in front of the giant cornstalks :)

                              Daddy and Vincent pretending to drive the tractor :)


                   Annual Fall Photo Shoot                                                 

Sever's Corn Maze

   A giant pit of corn kernels :) How cool is this?...The kids loved it! :)

                        Family photo shoot by the John Deere tractor :)

                            Hanging out in the Super Cool Corn Maze! :)
                                          Definitely coming back this year! :)

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