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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Your Child's Silhouette

Step 1: Buy a pair of Italian frames at a thrift store, garage sale, www.etsy.com, or spot a pair in your grandmother's attic.

Step 2: Remove pictures from frames and save to trace for a new background for silhoutte. If there is a backing that is securing the picture in, just pry off the staples or screws. 

Step 3: Remove glass and paint frame with Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper pink paint. Let dry. 

Step 4: Take a picture of your child's face in their profile view. Upload picture to Microsoft word on your computer. Change the saturation of the picture until your child's face is darker (this will make it easier to cut out and trace). To do this, right click on the picture in Microsoft Word, go to the format picture tab and adjust the brightness until it's really easy to see the outline of your child's face.

Step 5: Print the picture out and cut out the profile.

Step 6: Trace the profile pic to paper of your choosing and cut out. 

Step 7:  Choose background paper for silhouettes. Place old oval pictures on new background paper, trace, and cut out. 

Step 8: Glue silhouettes on new oval background paper. 

Step 9: Place ovals in dried frames, apply backing, hang, and enjoy :)

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