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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hitting The Pause Button For A Moment

 Sometimes, you have to just hit the pause button, look around at your life, and say "thank you God for everything that I have."

Today, I had one of those pause and look around days. This feeling came to me after opening a box of baby clothes that my now 4 1/2 year old wore long ago. After gently unfolding one of his baby sweaters, I lifted it up to my nose, sniffed, and took in a whiff of his baby smell....or maybe it was just the memory of it.

After the smell enveloped my nostrils, I opened my eyes, and that's when it hit me....the nostalgia of it all. Time has gone so fast. And, I believe this revelation came to me by divine intervention. God gives you these moments, to pause, take it all in, and re-evaluate things. You don't really fathom how fast your kids are growing until you open a box of their old clothes or that first day when your son calls you by your first name.

And then, you scroll down zipping through your files of pictures as if your looking through them on a chronological timeline...and then, it really hits you.

These pause and look around moments are a gift from God......a gift to look around, re-evaluate your life, be grateful, and savor the small and big things in life....your family, the warmth of your home, snuggling up with your kids to read a book, a child's smile, memories, small and big moments, and the beauty all around you.

This week, I captured some pictures of the beautiful moments that I'm grateful for....

Hanging out with all the cousins that are just about the same age :)
Thinking....What sort of trouble can I cause next?"
Brotherly and Sisterly Love :)
Such a good big sister :)

My sweet baby boy growing up so fast :)

Dreaming sweet, beautiful baby dreams :)

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