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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Things I've Learned So Far As a Young Christian Mother

I'm getting there....never will be perfect in my parenting, but I've learned some things, so far, along the way....Today, I reflected on 5 important things I've learned in my short time as a young Christian mother....

1. Never scream or yell. This is a hard one. When one kid spills their kool-aid on the floor and skates around in it....and then your son joins in the fun, all while the baby is screaming...it's hard to keep your composure. I try to keep in mind at these moments that Christ wants us to keep "a still, small voice." This calm composure will show children how to respond to stressful situations they have to deal with in the future....remember, your kids imitate everything you do! I also keep in mind to use the same tone of voice with my kids as I would anyone else; a priest, pope, stranger, boss, etc.

2. Pray, pray, pray! From the moment you wake to the moment you shut your eyes for the night, never cease praying. Pray for your children, your husband, neighbors, strangers, non-believers, sinners. Pray for wifehood and motherhood. Start your morning with an offering and the Lord's graces will do wonders for your life and your vocation as a mother.

3. Be consistent. Another hard one....kids love consistency. It's the #1 key to learning. If you read a chapter from the bible one morning, keep on doing it daily. Soon the kids will get up, grab the bible, and meet you in the living room for morning bible time.

4. Do everything in Christ's name. "As often as ye shall do things, ye shall do them in remembrance of me." When you eat....pray and thank God for your food. When you watch TV....watch a clean show...religious or with good christ-like morals. When you dress....dress modestly. When you read....read good, clean stuff. When you listen to music....listen to beautiful songs that praise God.

5. Nothing will ever be perfectly clean....not your house, your car, or your own clothes. This is a good sign...a sign that you're living in your house.....a good mother. Toys splattered across the floor means that your kids are having fun, not sitting in front of the TV. A lot of dishes in the sink means your kids are eating good, a dirty car means you have fun road trips, and throw-up on your shirt means the baby is getting fed and burped. So, if your house is messy along with your clothes.....keep up the good work...you're a good mom!

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