Holy Ducklings

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Hospital Visit & A Comforting Smile

Last evening, midnight, I was on the way to the ER after my baby started heavy labored breathing. After a 12 hour stay in the hospital, my baby is recovering from a bout of croup. I'm very thrilled, overjoyed, and blessed to be home with a healthier 4 month old. During our stay, I was really emotional (scared, anxious, happy, and then relieved). Scared for my tiny little baby who was sucking in his chest to try to get air....anxious for his diagnosis, happy that it wasn't more serious, and relieved for his recovery. 

God always reminds me....for instance, this time....that life is so beautiful, precious, and in his hands. He also sends gentle caresses of comfort when in distress....like when my little guy was getting his chest x-ray. If any of you are familiar with infant x-rays, the baby sits in a clear tube, is securely strapped in, and arms suspended on both sides of his head. It looked terribly uncomfortable, and I was sure he was going to cry.....I was going to cry....but God sent a caress of comfort through the smile my baby gave me while sitting in that hard, uncomfortable tube. 

God reminded me how precious life and love is....what a blessing to have him home and smiling :)

~God Bless


  1. Praise the Lord for your precious baby! Thanks for sharing your heartache & joyful comforts all in one.

  2. Thank you Mara...so thankful that he is his normal self again :)

  3. So happy your baby is home and doing better. It's so hard when our babies are sick. My baby was in the hospital around 7 mos old. He had lost weight and gotten down to 10 lbs. (he was only 12 to begin with) He had stopped eating. We found a urinary infection and he was anemic. It was an awful few days at the hospital, but now, after supplementing his breastmilk with formula, he's chunked out and is over 20 lbs! (HE'S ONE NOW THOUGH) I remember that X-ray--and you are right, it's awful....funny thing, I remember something like what you've said happen to us too. Angels in the X-ray room!

    God bless!

  4. Thank you so much Jamie....I'm so happy that your baby is up to 20 pounds and better....that's wonderful! :) The only time I like being in the hospital, is with a new baby :) God Bless!