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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creating JOY in Your Life!

My family has adapted the Duggar philosophy as far as creating JOY in our lives. As stated in their book "A Love that Multiplies," the only way we can obtain true JOY in our household is if we put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. 
This mnemonic device is not only important for children to adapt, but just as important as we, the parent, to ritualize. If the parent doesn't ritualize this philosophy, there is no way we can expect our children to adapt it as well. I start each morning with quiet prayer time before the kids wake up and once they are up, the first thing we do is kneel down by our crucifix downstairs and recite a prayer meaningful and understandable to their age (2 & 4). 

"Good morning dear Jesus this day is for you.
We ask that You bless us in all we think, say, see, and do."

As a gentle reminder, we have a poster hanging on our fridge of the JOY philosophy. 


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