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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So why do you commemorate the saints?

"So why do you commemorate the saints?" is a tried and true statement that I receive from many that believe it's a form of idolatry. How do you respond to such a curious question? First, I pray for God's grace to answer with knowledge and wisdom so that I may guide others to the Catholic faith. And then, I tell them that we, as mere "human beings" on earth can never reach God's infinite perfection. 

We can strive to be like Christ, but we will never reach that perfection. A saint is more of a realistic expectation for us as "mere" human beings on earth to replicate. They are role models for my children instead of a "famous baseball player" or a "modern singer." They help my children reach their main goal in life; to be with God in heaven...not to achieve earthly desires. We will never stop praying to God first because he is our main focus and number 1, but we will also pray to the saints afterwards...because they are our earthly role models. Their stories of their life and faith give my children hope in a world of evil and selfishness. They help my children remember that our time here on earth is but a short flick of an eyelid and to keep God true to their hearts. 

May God Bless you all this election day 2012 :)

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